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Swarm, Foursquare, and 4th & Mayor

It’s been an exciting summer for the folks at Foursquare I am sure: they’ve introduced a pivot into their business and app story, and have effectively forked/split their original Foursquare experience.

You can read about the newer 2014 summer Foursquare in their post, it is now more like a Yelp app to explore a city. Cool stuff, similar to the “explore” pivot/section of the original Foursquare apps.

They introduced a new app called Swarm earlier in the summer. Swarm is the Foursquare experience everyone loves - friends, check-ins, etc. To check in now, you must use Swarm on an iPhone, for example.

At this time, the Swarm app still uses a Foursquare username and password: authentication remains the same; you do not need a new account.

As a result, the 4th & Mayor app for Windows Phone still works just fine using your Foursquare credentials, for checking in.

However, Foursquare has really hampered their original experience, removing some of the more fun original concepts such a mayorships. For the time being, the mayor from months ago when they “retired” mayorships remains, but I imagine this will be gone soon.

As my application, a third-party Foursquare app for Windows Phone called 4th & Mayor, has the word “mayor” in it, I feel that it really needs that original mayorship experience.

So if you’re asking what my plans are: I’m waiting to see how Foursquare does. The startup has been around for a long time and seems to be trying to find the route that makes sense for their business. Once they settle, we’ll see.

In the meantime I’ll continue with minor maintenance updates, but am not considering building a “Swarm” app. Thanks.

v3.17 for Windows Phone 7.x devices

Thanks to a lot of good feedback from users, you’ll find the updated 3.17 version on Windows Phone 7.5 and 7.8 devices now.

Fixes include:

v3.17 is out: more minor bug fixes (thanks for helping!)

Store updates are so fast now! Tonight’s updates:

Cheers. Keep the reports coming of minor things. It really helps.

v3.16 (a.k.a. 3.15) is now out

So the good news: all the promised v3.15 updates are out. The annoying story: they are in the Store version 3.16.

v3.16 actually contains the 3.15 changes:

Please hang in there. The good news: the new Windows Phone Store experience is so quick, expect more regular updates and bug fixes now that things are more smooth in that department.

v3.15 is out!

Just a few days after the prior update, version 3.15 is now an update available in the Windows Phone Store. It contains these fixes:

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