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v3.17 is out: more minor bug fixes (thanks for helping!)

Store updates are so fast now! Tonight’s updates:

Cheers. Keep the reports coming of minor things. It really helps.

v3.16 (a.k.a. 3.15) is now out

So the good news: all the promised v3.15 updates are out. The annoying story: they are in the Store version 3.16.

v3.16 actually contains the 3.15 changes:

Please hang in there. The good news: the new Windows Phone Store experience is so quick, expect more regular updates and bug fixes now that things are more smooth in that department.

v3.15 is out!

Just a few days after the prior update, version 3.15 is now an update available in the Windows Phone Store. It contains these fixes:

v3.14 is out!

Released in April 2014, version 3.14 is out there in the app store!

v3.12 is published

Version 3.12 of 4th & Mayor for Windows Phone has been published to the Windows Phone Store.

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